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The importance of CPR and First Aid training for daycare's.

By Kelly Hartmann
San Diego County Child Care Examiner

The worst case scenario in any parent’s life is dropping his or her child off to daycare or a sitter only to find that at some point in the day a tragic accident occurred and the provider was not CPR or First Aid certified.  When an emergency occurs, time is of the essence.  Anyone caring for children should be trained and certified in order to respond to an emergency situation.

No matter whom you leave your child with, make sure you ask about their knowledge and training in life saving CPR and First aid.   The American Heart Association has changed it’s guidelines as of October 2010 on how to perform CPR.    In the past the A-B-C (Airway-Breathing-Compression) method was used but has now changed to C-A-B (Compressions-Airway-Breathing).

The American Red Cross offers locations throughout San Diego County to enroll in classes.  Check with their website and browse class times and dates.  Some sessions are offered online and in class.  Enrollment is available online to offer you a quick way to ensure you are registered.  Numerous companies and individuals also offer training, but make sure the trainer is certified to teach the classes.

Babies To Butterflies daycare in El Cajon, CA recently hired Ray Garcia, owner and operator of Az Pro CPR & First Aid, LLC.  Ray is a captain in the Phoenix, Arizona fire department and is also a paramedic.  He began CPR training in Arizona and has since extended his career to the San Diego County area.  Babies To Butterflies had 10 participants and the training was a success.  Because Ray’s business is mobile, he is able conduct classes at a business or residential location.  The following interview with Ray may help answer questions about his services.

Q. How long have you been with the fire department?

A. I have been in the fire service since 1985 when I started with the Tolleson Fire Department in Tolleson, Arizona and currently I have over 20 years with the Phoenix Fire Department in Phoenix, Arizona.

Q. Why did you start a CPR business?

A. I started my CPR business for several reasons. First I believe every adult and young adult should learn how to do CPR, it is a proven fact that CPR saves thousands of lives every year. The second reason is because I saw that many of the companies which offer CPR charge more than most people can afford. I do not let cost keep me from giving a CPR/ First Aid Class. I have found that my CPR/First Aid combo class is usually less than most companies CPR class alone. Finally, since I have been teaching CPR for over 20 years I decided that I would make it official by registering as an official LLC business and take advantage of the tax benefits.

Q. How often do you think you will be in the San Diego Area for training?

A. The vision for my company is to become one of the main providers of these services in the San Diego California area and so I will be in San Diego as much as the demand requires.

Q. Why did the American Heart Association adapt the CAB version of CPR and do away with the ABC's of CPR?

Studies have proven that compressions, when done hard and fast as well as early, increases the chances of survival and because bystanders were hesitant to give mouth to mouth ventilation's compressions were being delayed and consequently lives were being affected.

Q.  What manikins do you use for your CPR Training, and why?

A. I use the Prestan Professional Manikins with built in lights because they give my students the most realistic feel of how deep and how fast they should actually perform CPR. By using this line of manikin it has eliminated the most asked question that I used to get, "How deep should I compress the chest?"  The other reason is because the American Heart Association recommends that these types of manikins be used when teaching CPR classes

Q. How many people can you train in one class?

A. I can train pretty much any size class simply by adding instructor assistants. Most of my classes have been between 10-25 students.

Q. Are costs refundable if appointments are cancelled?

A. Once a student registers and pays on-line on my website the payment is not refundable, but I will honor their payment in any future class.

Q. Besides certifying students in CPR and First Aid, what are your primary objectives of your classes?

A. The primary objectives include teaching in a manner that is fun, easy to learn, as well as applicable to any situation the student may encounter. When my students walk out of my classes I make sure that they have the knowledge, training and confidence that they will need to help or save someone’s life.

Q. How can a daycare or an organization get information on scheduling a class or learn more about your company?

A. You can schedule a class or get more information by simply going to and registering on-line or by emailing me directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Many parents may want to learn CPR and First Aid, but may not think about enrolling in a class alone.  Those who have a daycare and space in their home should extend the classes to their clients.  Simply offer a signup sheet two weeks ahead of time and encourage families to participate in the group.  Offering an incentive to join the class may get people in the door.  Perhaps take a small amount of money off one week’s tuition, offer a raffle to participants and give away one week free daycare to the winner or have some door prizes to take home.

Make learning fun and rewarding.  Babies To Butterflies put out some finger foods and refreshments that were easy to consume while participating in the class.

If you have any further questions, please click Rays name below to send an instant email and Ray will get back to you soon.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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